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This guy.

This guy.

#ican day 31. Today I ran my first 5k and discovered a new thing I love to do. Today, I can feel great about having met a new goal. What can you do today? Show us at #positivity #icanproject #goals

Aw. A note from the wonderful Chin Soon Sun. I love you too <3

From my new #ican Tumblr. Please submit your own photos!!! <3 C.


Hi, and welcome to The #ican Project’s Official Tumblr!

I started this as a 30 day exercise to change the way I think about my daily life. As a child, I grew up with a loving, well-meaning grandmother that had one major stumbling: Negative thinking. When I went to her with ideas and hopes for the future, she would often reply “You can’t do that!” As a child, I had no idea she suffered from anxiety and depression — only that I got told a lot that what I wanted probably wasn’t possible.

This attitude stuck with me through my teens and twenties, and I know it got in the way of a lot of things I could have accomplished in those years. Luckily, by the time I turned 30, I had started thinking for myself a bit more — And realizing I could be, and do, whatever I wanted, if I could only believe I was capable.

It took a lot of practice to overcome that programming, but I discovered that taking action to reroute your thinking eventually becomes a habit. While #ican started as a practice for me, when I started getting submissions from other people, I realized it had a bigger purpose — to help other people. That’s why this blog is open for you to submit your own photos. If you wan tot submit, the rules are simple: Make a note with a statement about yourself that includes #ican. You can be in the photo if you want (it helps a great deal to see yourself in the image with a affirming statement, but not absolutely necessary). That’s it.

As more and more people join this practice, I feel a swelling gratitude. But beyond that, the people that contact me and say that this is making their life better give the most remarkable reward I can imagine — knowing that a seed I planted has grown to make others happy.

A voice against feminism - Imgur

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(Source: Spotify)